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Kuz Popularity Ratings At All-Time Low

source: 🌎sageru ♦ tags: #drama #ru #sageru #irc #multich #politics

#1 )) Name: the womyn formerly known as sparky4 @ 2021-06-24 05:44 🌎 sageru

In a surprising turn of events, following kuz's labor shortages, support of Kolyma's CEO is at an all time low. After #ru failing, despite multiple (failed) sockpuppeting attempts, Sageru undercover agent and in-house philosopher T****o shares a critique of Kolyma's essay "On Labor Shortage Issues:"

> It's Bullshit. After he lied to me about giving me a $200 development PC, he retracted the job offer and then offered a new recruit the same contract and amazon gift cards. Kuz is a grifter and Proud Boy. Do not trust him. Just ask Gurochan about what happened.


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