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irc.sageru.org discussion, support11
#jp meetup 21/8/12-15@Orange County CC3
cringe pornsite comments CTRL+V5
i hate black people6
i hate white people1
dead cope site 2
New instance5
Why atom and not RSS?3
The sageru theme song...2
stop fucking with #jp3
Remembering the fallen.2
The end of K*z..2
fuck 0chan.vip1
why do the trannies lie?1
php is a dumb nigger language2
come to brazil4
0chan censors revealing posts about kuz2
Warning! You should de-node ripirc! [meltingwax READ this]4
Kuz Popularity Ratings At All-Time Low1
catbutts is a furfag discord tranny who polutes the sageru irc network and is also the janny tranny on #qa2
the #ru bros have won4
A Sageru.org spinoff with Timestamps?4
weabs must seethe1
Hello world5