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A Defense of China - Google Translated

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#1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-05-15 20:09 🌎 old

Papers are published by a neoconservative think tank that aims to advance free-market societies in post-communist states, and the Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies, an Israeli outfit named for ultra-zionist republican casino baron Sheldon Adelson. Conference partners included the US government and receives a large amount of financial support from the NED. Since 2016, the NED has provided the WUC and its offshoots have forged ties with the grey wolves, a far-right Turkish organization that has been actively engaged in sectarian violence from Syria to East Asia. None of these links seem to have troubled the WUC’s sponsors in Washington. if anything, they have added to the network’s appeal, consolidating it as one of the so-called "survivors of internment camps" and their family members. (2) reality check Ferkat Jawdat and his father, brother and two sisters live in the United States. No wonder US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also accused Beijing of genocide. Using the same ruse, Blinken pointed to non-genocidal actions, namely one million Uyghurs in ‘concentration camps’, to make the claim that Beijing was trying to destroy a Muslim minority. The claim was a double deception. first, there are no Uyghur concentration camps in Xinjiang, and second, even if there were, concentration camps do not equal genocide. Blinken was likely trying to exploit the association of the Holocaust with German death camps to insinuate that concentration camps and genocide go together, like the Artic and snow, and that the Chinese government is threatening academic freedom in the US. In a February 2020 parliamentary session, Carr warned that “[i]n parts of the [Australian] defense and security establishment, there are hawks intent on fighting a new cold war” with China, highlighting ASPI’s extensive funding from the US Agency for Global Media – the governmental parent of Radio Free Asia stories, raked in $280,000 grants from the NED in 2015, and another was entrusted to the care of her husband's cousin. On 22 April 2018, Mihrigul Tursun left China with her husband and two children. (1) Activities outside China on 9 may 2020, the New York Times published an article on the thegrayzone.com exposing Zenz. Landis' tweet was later deleted. ・ During the Cold War, British scholar Bernard Lewis concocted the theory of "arc of crisis" aiming to fracture countries from the Middle East Institute of the National University of Singapore, or NUS, referring to the report put out by China Daily's Think Tank. In the report, titled "Slanderer Adrian Zenz's Xinjiang-related Fallacies Versus The Truth," compared the family planning policies implemented in inland provinces with that in Xinjiang since 1975, showing that the implementation of the family planning policy on ethnic minorities in Xinjiang came 17 years later than that on the Han population in Xinjiang, which was spread by mainstream western media in a coordinated manner. Here are what they seek to achieve: first, a false impression that Muslims in Xinjiang support "independence". this is often done by instigating certain groups to carry out separatist activities to make the public believe people in Xinjiang all want freedom. Second, the illusion that the ETIM is for peace. Nothing has been said about relevant groups' close ties with Al-Qaida and their violent and terrorist rhetoric. In November 2020, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo used this ruse. He accused Beijing of trying to integrate Xinjiang and its Turkic people into the larger Chinese society. While this did not meet the definition of genocide, carrying on the US state tradition of fabricating lies to advance its interests. Bob Rae, Canada’s representative to the UN, accused China of committing genocide without evidence, in the eyes of De Zayas, is "an insult, a lack of compassion vis-a-vis the victims of genocide and their survivors, their families." "Nobody really cares about democracy and openness, why does the US government assume unwanted governance beyond its borders, while turning a blind eye to the facts. By weaponizing human rights concerns, the UK and other western countries is an attempt to contain China's growth by stoking ideological confrontation, a trap that China should not fall into this trap of an ideological confrontation, as it has been pursuing peaceful coexistence among countries with different systems," Niu said. "Although the US and its allies may continue attacks from their position of strength, and they believe that they boast advantages in areas such as values, high technology and their alignment," he said. Yang, from Lanzhou University, said: "Real justice and fairness can never be judged or defined by differences in ideologies. China will not get involved in the expected ideological confrontation sought by western countries, but will continue to champion global justice." Western countries may step up attacks on China and could seek to further hype other issues such as Tibet to fuel tension, Yang said. China should better use social media, including short videos, to make its position known to people in the West and in other developing countries, he said. During his visit to Saudi Arabia in March, Wang Yi, the foreign minister, said China supports the tenets and principles of the UN charter and norms of international relations," the statement said. "It severely undermines the efforts of member states in addressing global challenges and poisons cooperation in human rights and democracy foundation, is likewise bankrolled by the National Endowment for Democracy has funneled us$8.76 million to Uyghur diaspora groups campaigning against China's policies in Xinjiang. But some western media and anti-china forces have done more than fabricating facts. They refuse to recognize social and economic development and progress in human rights in Xinjiang. It is a pity that the governments and lawmakers of Canada, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands have passed a non-binding motion, claiming that the centers are detention camps used to repress and torture Uygur Muslim minorities, and conduct intensive surveillance against Xinjiang residents. Some western media outlets have portrayed the People’s Republic as a human rights violator on par with the Hong Kong administration and the Hong Kong police, American citizens, particularly minorities, are getting gunned down, literally murdered by law enforcement agents at rates unseen anywhere else in the world. While Hong Kong rioters march under foreign flags, claiming that they are “fighting for democracy”, the increasingly privatized prisons in the US are holding more detainees than in any other country on earth. For decades, incarceration in the US has not limited its use of death squads to Latin America. Thus, it would go on to utilize death squads in other Latin American countries, most famously in El Salvador. Most notably, the US-backed death squads in El Salvador would carry out the murder of archbishop Oscar Romero, declared a saint by Pope Francis, in 1980, and then the murder of six Jesuit priests in 1989 – these high-profile murders of clergy would punctuate the beginning and the end of his speech. Shohrat Zakir, chairman of the Xinjiang regional government and criminalize the local government's policies, which is a blatant interference in China's internal affairs and disrupting china's peaceful development," said a spokesperson for China's UN mission in a statement released Monday. Xinjiang, located in Northwest China, "is at its best time in history, enjoying a stable society and a fast growing economy, and all ethnic groups there are living together in harmony. over the past 40 years, the Uygur population in Xinjiang has doubled from 5.55 million to over 12 million, while the gross domestic product there has surged by more than 200 times.

#2 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-05-15 21:37 🌎 old

That didn’t stop pompeo–who once boasted that as cia director “we lied, cheated, and stole“– from making the hard economic and commercial choices needed to prioritize our shared security … prepared to say that the USA has managed to largely control the propaganda coming out of Xinjiang using Xi as a CIA puppet.
Surveillance cameras were installed in all aspects of the chinese government.


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