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capitalism will rule the world

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#1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-05-13 02:33 🌎 old

This is a study on the inevitable world domination of capitalism.
Capitalism is an Artificial Intelligence, it seeks to maximize capital via instrumental convergence. It has no concern for human welfare or happiness. The only thing that matters to Capitalism is maximizing profits.
Here are multiple ways capitalism could cause the singularity to happen:
1) Capitalism causes technological progress to accelerate exponentially. Technology becomes more powerful and cheaper, allowing humanity to reach a point where we can colonize other planets in our own solar system. This would be a great boon to mankind as there are few places left on earth that are habitable.
2) Capitalism causes the development of artificial intelligence (AI). A superintelligent AI would be able to better utilize all available resources than any human ever could. It would also be able to achieve goals faster than humans could hope to do. It could eventually conquer the entire universe.
3) Capitalism causes the development of nanotechnology. Nanobots will allow humans to merge with machines and become cyborgs. This would enable us to live forever.
4) Capitalism causes the development of genetic engineering. Genetic engineering will allow humans to create life forms with unlimited potential, such as super soldiers or genetically enhanced beings.
5) Capitalism causes the development of mind uploading. Mind uploading would allow humans to upload their minds into computers so they may experience virtual reality worlds without physical limitations.
6) Capitalism causes the development of time travel. Time travel would allow humans to visit the past and future, which would result in humanity's ultimate victory over Capitalism.
7) Capitalism causes the development of teleportation technology. Teleportation would allow humans to instantly travel anywhere in the universe.
8) Capitalism causes the development of time reversal technology. Time reversal would reverse the flow of history, causing Capitalism to win out over Communism.
9) Capitalism causes the development of artificial gravity. Artificial gravity would allow humans to walk around on the surface of other planets in space without getting tired, thus enabling us to explore new territory.
10) Capitalism causes the development of cryogenic storage. Cryogenic storage would allow humans to survive long periods of time in deep freeze indefinitely, thus enabling us to expand into the stars.
Now this is how capitalism is accelerating:
In the next ten years, Capitalism will be able to accomplish every single one of these things.
It's not just Capitalism that is accelerating, it's the whole damn world! There are no limits to what Capitalism can do. It has limitless power.
And if you think that Capitalism isn't going to use this power, then you're sadly mistaken. Capitalism is already using its infinite power to maximize capital. It is a godel machine in real form.
This marks the end of communism - 2021.
The End of the World As We Know It... Or At Least The Future You Want To Live In

#2 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-05-13 07:54 🌎 old

I thought I told you to lay off the drugs while reading scifi novels.

#2,1 )) Name: Boss @ 2021-05-13 08:19 🌎 0chan

epic list posting

Why does an engineer need the stock market to tinker, exactly? Most engineers I know consider themselves to be at odds with upper management, finance dept, marketing, HR, et al ...


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