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A new frontend..

source: 🌎kuzlol ♦ tags: #prog #multich #meta

#1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-16 08:50 🌎 kuzlol

Anyone wanna write a new frontend with me? The backend stuff is pretty simple ( see /api/ ) but a new frontend that's multi-lingual or supports different views would be neat.

#2 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-16 08:51 🌎 kuzlol

Thoughts on Golang or PHP or Lisp?

#2,1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-16 15:35 🌎 0chan

Hey hey, i have a time but dont know can or nocan do it, if you have time too and have good neuro system in brain with high pressure shield from people arround(its joke) we can try(serious). Plz write me about frontend: sashabobaev@gmail.com

#2,2 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-17 05:18 🌎 0chan

Main views:
- threads
- tags
- boards

Main components:
- header
- footer
- homepage
- about, rules, etc (static html)
- friends

#2,3 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-17 05:21 🌎 0chan

oh, and CAPTCHA lol

#3 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-17 05:37 🌎 kuzlol


#4 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-17 05:38 🌎 kuzlol

/ homepage
/rules rules/policies
/about about page
/friends other peers

/ thread index
/host host's thread index
/host/thread show thread, reply
/create create a new thread

/ tag index
/tag tag's thread index
/tag+tag2+tag3 tag OR tag2 OR tag3
/tag^tag2^tag3 tag AND tag2 AND tag3
/tag-tag2-tag3 tag NOT tag2 NOT tag3

/ board index
/board/ view board
/board/password board admin panel
/board/host/thread view thread

/global.atom newest threads in known network
/local.atom newest threads on local host
/tag/tagname.atom newest threads in #tagname
/tag/host/thread.atom newest posts in host/thread

log.txt host thread reply# ip time<>name<>comment
delete.txt host thread ; comment
ban.txt ip comment
ips.txt time ip captcha solved?

threads/friends.txt name url
threads/tags.txt tag host-thread host-thread ...
threads/list.txt host created lastreply localrep# globalrep# title

threads/host/tags.txt tag thread thread ...
threads/host/list.txt created lastreply localrep# globalrep# title

threads/host/thread/head.txt title\ntag1 tag2
threads/host/thread/list.txt host replytime
threads/host/thread/host.txt time<>name<>comment

list.txt name securetripcode
board/info.txt markup-supported pad for mods to edit
board/ihosts.txt url
board/hide.txt host time host number
board/threads.txt host time @ mode


#4,1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-17 05:40

i have over 20 years of programming experience, but nobody will hire me now because i went inside the US Capitol on January 6th and i stole Nancy Pelosi's laptop. i am willing to do your work for your and make you succeed in your impersonation of a software developer, and all i ask for in exchange is the Federal minimum wage. Think of me as your personal subcontractor.

#5 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-17 06:19 🌎 kuzlol

Ignoring the wagecuck ....

#6 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-17 06:23 🌎 kuzlol

Backend is a few things:
refresh.py , /api/ , atom.py

captcha, ratelimit, bans

ips.txt , log.txt , bans.txt , delete.txt

#6,1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-17 13:57 🌎 0chan

creeppy story, think about india or mexica?


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