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0chan server temporarily offline

source: 🌎52chan ♦ tags: #random

#1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-07-11 18:29 🌎 52chan

2 people who are mentally retarded have been spending hours a day, rapidly switching between IP addresses using VPNs and proxies to circumnavigate the security system. Because I do not have an equivalent level of retard energy to babysit the board for X hours a day, I am temporarily shutting the sites offline while I clear my storage locker today.

This is to Marsya A.: I have your name. I have your address. I have spoken with my attorney. My attorney will be taking efforts to protect me against your stalking/harassment if this continues. We have spoken with a district attorney in your area who has opened a case against you for cyberstalking, computer hacking, and harassment charges.

Your abuse of VPN/proxy services to evade bans in an attempt to harass me and disrupt normal usage of the site is a crime in your locality. Cease and desist further criminal activity at once. You have a mental disorder. We have had dozens of conversations about your problem. You admit that you have schizophrenia and autism, and you refuse to take medication. You really need to slow down and get help. We are not friends.

Stop calling me 20+ times a day on Whatsapp and having meltdowns because I don't respond to your 1000s of texts to me that go ignored. Normal people (who are not mentally ill) realize that if someone ignores thousands upon thousands of your texts, maybe you are doing something weird and fruitless.


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