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Mysterious "it" bug

source: 🌎52chan ♦ tags: #meta

#1 )) Name: dev !cRwJk8JEBs @ 2021-06-03 10:59 🌎 52chan

0chan 1622711156 1622711156 0 1 <!DOCTYPE html>

> it 0 49 <!DOCTYPE html>

Bounty on this bug.

#1,1 )) Name: cull !lPXgvT0/N6 @ 2021-06-03 21:52

ftfy. ill take my $50

#1,2 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-03 22:06 🌎 0chan

you forgot to post the patch with the fix!

#2 )) Name: dev !cRwJk8JEBs @ 2021-06-04 06:26 🌎 52chan

I still don't know what's causing the bug. It's mutated and is now creating a fake "Black Lives Matter" thread. The fix will involve only adding valid entries to list.txt when building it in refresh.py -- the bogus entry
> it 0 53 Black Lives Matter
1. begins with a space
2. does not begin with 4 numbers, separated by spaces

(´・ω・`) I'm still very interested as to why this bug exists, but it seems the project lacks resources to determine why
(´・ω・`) Please wait warmly for the fix to come.

#3 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-04 06:45 🌎 52chan

Well, it's not fixed (at the root), but it's kicked down the road now (symptoms treated):

Because the invalid entries are (null space word space) , they are blocked from moving from their source to the list.txt files in /threads/ that build the boards and power federation.


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