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Robert: This is how you stop the spam

source: 🌎0chan ♦ tags: #random

#1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-07-11 23:19 🌎 0chan

Admit you were wrong
Apologize to Kuznetsov for ""'doxxing him'"", and posting child fucking pornography on his websites, then covering it all up on your site and VICTIMIZING yourself after you get flak from it.

Then we will stop the spam. We expect this to be a written email from something verifiably yours.

We arent done until you confess, pedophile freak.

#2 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-07-11 23:41 🌎 0chan

Fake news, show proof or it didn't happen. I've even read KNN and they don't cite their sources like a real news website or a well researched article. In reality it's all just bullshit fluff pieces to jerk off their glorious leader who totally didin do nuffin even though he has a long web history to show otherwise.

#2,1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-07-13 09:29

what is robert

#2,2 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-07-13 22:33

"You're not allowed to run an imageboard unless you lie and falsely admit to uploading child abuse media" is a new low for Kuz. Hey Kuz, do you even have any proof that illegal content was uploaded to your servers in the first place? Oh, that's right, it's impossible for you to verify your claim due to the nature of the beast. How convenient.


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