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i am almost maximum genius philospher intellect intelelctual

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#1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-07-11 17:44 🌎 0chan

uh well this is a place where inteLELctual discussions take place (gag) oh FUCK lmfao im here to teach yal
and is also here to insult all of u humanitiit at once especially Bob ( i called him baby daddy daddy oh my God it mind fuck me every day but whtvr OK???????) FUCK

wow science bitch donkeys wow some of them they call emselvs philosopherz

well first of all he don't think the scripture enlightened Him for as long as ive been in acquaintance with him, oh that sounds COMPLETELY FINE, there probably a number by which u can count with my toes for those who've read and studied the scripture without influence of any doctrine and then upholding laws that are going completely against it or eh, just think they know something from it neh not interested dont got much is it

is it im cowardly to to ever point it out in detail, oh bc oh "at least he's so kind to everybody and he duno but he so nice he just duno" ,,oh he got time for other books..

maybe it's not that much for u but in my Lord's eyes is significant, bob got into big fuckign accident broke his ribs and libs didnt burst his balls, oh wait, he told me he's part of us (those in submission to God)

bob is so logical, not supertituous, no ghost bitch fuck shit no ghost demon wear burqa bHITCH n demon in the haed

"use my own brain instead of taking eveyrthing form THE scripture" offensvie bitch fuck i'm genius bc God gave it to me, Princess of the Worlds, every brain cell, ability to identify/think abut how fucking confused u are, God gave it. every. thing. only borrowed it for a measured time all is in clear resgister, even ur ability to comprehend good, atheists dont have to do good, no justification for it, "ohh just do good it's good i feel good haha" bitch simpleton how simple bitch is, can fuck ur mom or cannot?

when they do good is for themselves, oh i'm so good, wrong, all good and goodwill and goodness whatever u call it belongs to God

oh He wants me to respeck him. he dun respeck me for doing porn for him that's for sure. he seduced me paid me monies im a whore well busted Oh WelL

well now i'm in big fucking fight with my group members tha potentially could be a majority of em, is borderline 2/3 out of 4, im really pissed off rn

my point is that theyre fuckin chinese and bob asked me why i dun liek chinese , theyre communists LMFAO u never been to china dude u sat on the table and chat some shit, they duno how to clean their shit smell bad even the food smell bad i gona look down on u now bcu wna be my foe now just as they've all left me

even if (u ) they all leave me

"God is not part of us"
yal are so togetehr in all of this, some people died, og but it's not u or ur girlfriend, tiny percentage of what makes up of the population, (oh the are abundance report on irregularities with menstruation and whatnot, oh nah that's nothing) other compensations offered and other complications oh 6 pep or more died or someting duncar keep eating garlick noob

dont want stupid boy who eat pork as husband/boyfriend/king lol u fuck off bob dont leak my noodls

hope u find some girl who isnt a whore and will tolerate ur fucking commie shiet, i kinda liked it, kinda liked it, kindliekd

fuck off bob

(anyways im writing like this bc i insult ur fucking language pep human although my Lord taught mankind eloquence, fucking people and their orgasmic parties and unlawful sex all people from all the races, fucking hate people LMFAO) God is the Greatest
die all of u

#2 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-07-11 17:55 🌎 0chan

bob is retarded from the vax
can somebody rename my fucking thread plx

#3 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-07-11 17:58 🌎 0chan

fuck off ye bob u God damned idiot

#4 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-07-11 18:03 🌎 0chan

we done
all become trash

#4,1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-07-13 09:38



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