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Tranny Cabal attemps to harass and destroy innocent people

source: 🌎0chan ♦ tags: #random

#1 )) Name: SuperWizardMan !N1toQkxgzc @ 2021-06-24 23:52 🌎 0chan

Why? Why does the #qa tranny cabal continue to make up lies about kuz and attack him and his services for no reason? Why does multich support them?

None of what these nasty rumors say about him is true, if it is, ill wait for the evidence.

#2 )) Name: SuperWizardMan !N1toQkxgzc @ 2021-06-24 23:53 🌎 0chan

not to mention wannabe-kolyma employees LYING about fake contracts and posting out of context screenshots.

you people are disgusting. seriously

#3 )) Name: SuperWizardMan !N1toQkxgzc @ 2021-06-24 23:57 🌎 0chan


You let this treacherous node here?

fake certificates, what next, crypto miners?


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