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local Multich is a pedo honeypot full of trannies and liars 2
local kuz won tbh 1
local kuz won 1
local kys pedos 1
local kuz won 1
local Ripirc is Eternal 2
0chan shit retards say/shit you read [online] /srs/ 7
0chan Cracky-chan 19
sageru #jp meetup 21/8/12-15@Orange County CC 3
local kuz won 2
sageru cringe pornsite comments CTRL+V 5
local dead cope site 1
local Dear Anon 3
0chan Christian Meta Thread 148
local A Statement on Federation with Kuzlol 15
sageru i hate black people 6
52chan A trinity rarely talked about 18
0chan Cool site 13
sageru i hate white people 1
sageru dead cope site 2
multitext dead cope pedo site 1
0chan 0chan IRC chat room 3
0chan OK 2
52chan my balls 9
52chan IE 3
52chan Pirating Streamed Content to Become Felony 6
52chan Hello world 6
0chan special offer that you won't believe!!! [advertising] [PEP] 9
0chan hot dudes use this website all the time 6
0chan 3
0chan Fun with tags! [Part 2] 6
0chan Life in coronavirus 3
multitext Hello world 2
local Essential scifi films / animes 5
52chan Utilitarianism is a scam 5
0chan comfy irc rooms 11
multitext Anyone wanna play counter strike? 1
sageru New instance 5
local rewrite in php 8
multitext the state of multich 3
multitext holy shit, y'all cant even make secure software 1
multitext ripirc bros.. i thought we were the good guys? 2
kuzlol format testing 5
0chan Post ITT every time that religion has wronged you 11
multitext https://files.catbox.moe/m7odwu.png 1
multitext Face it: You pedos lost 1
local Why is kuz obsessed with fabricating history/lore about himself? 24
multitext Funny: Blundering pig reports textboard for CP 2
local Exposing Kuz: A Ripirc Adventure 15
multitext Best late night munchies 5
multitext How to force a board re-scrape 3
local Summer 2021 anime 2
multitext dead cope site exists only to obsess 2
sageru Why atom and not RSS? 3
52chan Wiki article ideas 2
0chan Schizoposters 27
52chan Digital philosophy communities 2
0chan Bad Multich Leadership isolates potential new nodes 14
0chan Null's Statement on Electronic Free Speech 12
multitext Listen up shills 2
multitext Robert Brown: pedophile, liar, creep 2
local Pay No Mind 2
multitext gear grinding 3
local The Russian Contradiction 2
multitext WTF?! 1
multitext Test 6
multitext Gaddafi's Green Book - reading club 1
local Broken captcha 3
0chan Donald Trump is a big fat loser. 15
0chan Robert: This is how you stop the spam 4
0chan i am almost maximum genius philospher intellect intelelctual 5
0chan heyuri.net is a honeypot 2
0chan Hey robert, guess whats going up in seattle! 6
local ripirc, "anarchic" yet mass-censorship at the same time 3
sageru The sageru theme song... 2
52chan 0chan server temporarily offline 1
0chan kuz is fucking retarded 19
0chan BlackBerry Playbook 4
0chan use ssl ripirc 5
kuzlol chaocipher thread 4
local Doomsday calendar calculation 3
local ON WOMEN (Schopenhauer) 9
0chan best kaomoji 11
52chan Federated deletion 2
52chan Labor struggles in America 1
local We did it folks 13
sageru stop fucking with #jp 3
sageru Remembering the fallen. 2
kuzlol will coronavirus ever go away? 24
sageru The end of K*z.. 2
0chan An XMPP server by 0chan 7
0chan 0chan.vip 6
0chan Happy thread 6
52chan PGP chat thread 5
0chan covid19 jab facts that actually arent fake news 5
local How to IRC 10
0chan Ex-admin K^z psyops Fchan to defame 0chan / Multichan 6
0chan I wont spam anymore 15
0chan The end of COVID-19? 5
sageru fuck 0chan.vip 1
0chan Englend should end 7
0chan dead cope site 1
0chan fuck ironic weebs 3
old Who could be behind the latest crypto crash? 5
0chan Whats a good "dark-textboard" theme? 4
0chan Multichan Frames 2
52chan multichan admin page? 2
old The #ripirc IRC room 9
old Multichan on tor 14
52chan ATOM Feeds: now even better! 2
52chan Best time of day for gikopoi? 4
0chan Multich Morality 8
0chan Boards vs Tags 9
local Music 4
local h 1
0chan Meat alternatives / ethical protein 8
0chan General theories of food 5
0chan why som chinese wna eat wild bats and smelly pork 3
0chan my pic 6
0chan KolymaNET releases statement on multich 5
local webring? 4
52chan Tackling spam on multich 14
52chan Must read philosophers 13
0chan Terrible Hackernews Posts 6
local Heat wave sweeping thru USA 9
52chan Multich: Questions and Answers 4
52chan Update history of Multichan 10
0chan Drama is even worse than on 4chin 5
sageru why do the trannies lie? 1
0chan 0chan censors try to stop the truth from coming out 1
52chan New VIPPER imageboard 4
local Thread #323 -- RIPIRC REIGNS SUPREME 4
0chan nicotine vaping general 12
0chan horny post hazard do not enter 3
52chan Tanasinn needs your help! 1
52chan Cool threads on other BBSes? 1
0chan Reminder to new users, as we grow 7
sageru irc.sageru.org discussion, support 9
0chan Anyone like Jazz? 12
52chan multichan Nginx file 2
sageru php is a dumb nigger language 2
sageru come to brazil 4
0chan my secrets 18
local women... 2
52chan Gikopoi Memories 4
52chan Multichan translations for new frontend 5
local republicans dying 6
local jmanfatty called out 1
0chan Statement from Ripirc 13
sageru 0chan censors revealing posts about kuz 2
sageru Warning! You should de-node ripirc! [meltingwax READ this] 4
0chan Tranny Cabal attemps to harass and destroy innocent people 3
kuzlol kuz server back 5
kuzlol Random things everyone should know 4
0chan Slowdown on development - hardware troubles 6
sageru Kuz Popularity Ratings At All-Time Low 1
0chan Just a little hint... 7
0chan 0chan stands with the kolyma network 4
0chan Cooking / eating 41
sageru catbutts is a furfag discord tranny who polutes the sageru irc network and is also the janny tranny on #qa 2
0chan L I F E debunked holy text s2 2
kuzlol statement on ripirc being dumb 6
52chan "scraping" feature 7
local i am cull 5
0chan my internet is so slow 5
kuzlol The #ru bros will be protesting against the ripirc node 7
52chan Textboard 4
kuzlol hi 8
0chan fake philosophy s2 3
0chan my diary no entry 13
sageru the #ru bros have won 3
sageru A Sageru.org spinoff with Timestamps? 2
kuzlol Testing 1
52chan Textboard Archive Project 7
kuzlol Sageru #bees declare...?! 13
sageru weabs must seethe 1
local New Info on the Identity of Tokiko 1
sageru Hello world 3
local rip freenode 9
0chan styles 11
0chan Damned piglets are so togither in this isnt it 3
local How to join the Matrix 19
kuzlol BREAKING: Kuz claims responsibility on latest sageru attacks 4
52chan Buddhism -- resources, questions, thoughts 15
kuzlol Labor shortage may force KolymaNET to scale back or shut down 3
kuzlol A new frontend.. 11
0chan shit 4chan clone 1
0chan !! 4
0chan How far are we past the age of tiny websites making it big? 6
0chan The fall of capitalism?? 16
52chan insomniac thoughts 20
52chan The 1st day of Summer 1
0chan fake philosophy 12
local what is ripirc? 2
kuzlol Is this an authentic Bob quote? 8
0chan Chinese 20-somethings are rejecting the rat race and 4
0chan Your Future 7
52chan Ways to improve your life 13
52chan Free gikopoi.com email addresses 6
52chan Is the Gikopoi background sounds music? 3
local What is God? 25
52chan Thread database changes 2
local In Support of RMS 5
local Experiences with (Es)ketamine 3
local Some hard facts about Rue 3
52chan cool movies. 14
0chan drinkin piss 7
0chan Blue Lotus Hash 6
local Okko Bekker 5
kuzlol Hello! 1
52chan Features / suggestions 55
0chan shit 4chan clone 2
kuzlol Odd Taxi is actually pretty good?? 14
0chan Other federated text/imageboards 3
local a dissociation 10
52chan The old internet 19
0chan Vietnam Detects New Highly Transmissible Coronavirus Variant 10
0chan Spring 2021 Anime 3
local Bad Sleep Schedules 8
52chan Anonymous Posting Leads To Shit Content 13
local Random images 8
0chan More multichan servers? 8
0chan What shall i eat today 7
local jkli5_ is a fag 3
0chan dumb bitch be like 6
52chan Road to Multichan 2.0 3
52chan poor rms 1
52chan lmnopqrstuvwxyz 4
52chan Must See Anime 15
0chan shit 4chan clone 2
local Hello world 12
0chan i'm looking for a boufriend 6
old play my new Mafia game 5
52chan Mysterious "it" bug 5
local best things to get at 7/11 10
52chan Alternative Timekeeping Systems 6
local mods on IRC are always gay retards 2
old Manga/Manhua/Manhwa thread 12
52chan What imageboard theme should /b/oards adopt? 3
52chan penis 3
52chan Solution found to "weird federation" problem 3
old #ripirc minecraft server! 6
old Doge Coin Fee Free Exchange 5
old J*** on rizon doesnt own pants. 6
local Ordy doesn't actually fuck dogs 2
old EELS: Definitely a horse fucker. (homura) 7
local why ripirc? 6
52chan Mysterious standards of Kolyma 7
kuzlol Retro Games netplay 5
kuzlol discord cummed bot 3
kuzlol News Navigator for Bulletin Boards 8
local I shaved my hair today 1
old New Multichan Node 13
52chan New board: /meta/ 2
0chan 2021-05// The future of tags 4
local [2009] Steins;Gate 3
kuzlol a look ahead towards /boards/ 2
0chan How to make images in multich work 3
old #ripirc movie night? 5
0chan test post, please ignore 20
kuzlol Multich Node Stats so far 5
old Satan as the angel of light 5
kuzlol strange website 1
52chan Gikopoi -- fun web chat 34
0chan Police declare riot in Portland as protesters mark 1 year si 4
old Gun Control 17
0chan Some good video games 2
0chan Reading Marx 3
0chan rock music sharing 3
0chan Anyone else struggling with an addiction to barkling? 7
local RIP-IRC Cannabutter 5
kuzlol new styles 3
0chan Hello world 19
0chan test log 7
old If you're a female reading this.... 8
0chan How to rename a multich friend 3
local some good IRC rooms 7
0chan Tor Federation from Clearnet 1
local eels dream 4
0chan why the hecc is there no multich imageboard 7
0chan truth truth truth truth truth truth truth truth truth truth 5
0chan Statement on association with peers 8
local test delete this 2
local test 5
0chan Richard Stallman - greasy pro-Russian Jewish Communist 18
local Testing "double ripirc" bug 2
local test 3
old The ongoing Freenode drama. 11
0chan GANGTSTER GBALDRAW now has an IRC tunnel 9
kuzlol Rants that don't deserve their own thread 15
0chan Multichan chat service expanded 3
52chan random music sharing 20
0chan Holy Text Database 19
52chan Red House Leader Ragina Rage: "We held the city hostage." 4
old A Defense of China - Google Translated 2
0chan men are alite human beings 11
old Banned Books 7
old collapse of china 7
old capitalism will rule the world 3
0chan Cringe posts from Philbook 6
kuzlol what obscure language do you know? 5
kuzlol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rif_War 2
0chan True 0chan 5
0chan blockchain is stupid 4
old Jamison Cold Brew Edition 4
kuzlol Мы купили пианино 8
0chan Ковальчик петух 2
old Gaddafi Green Book, section 1 4
0chan Ayashii World Returns! 29
0chan sorry daddy's friends 6
0chan message from gbaldraw.fun 8
kuzlol multich id system? 4
old no mayday? 5
old CHINA #1 19
old dumbgoy 25
52chan Hello ATOM feeds 3
0chan U.S. military starts Afghanistan withdrawal 2
local test 2
52chan Hey guys, new to the site. Be gentle! 5
0chan join my epic chan 3
old Coronavirus observation 6
old Support the JIDF 9
old Message to sweet Friend 7
old Christistheway (rizon) dox 1
0chan Happy 4/20! 4
old Red Carpet Treatment for White King 5
old Is Syntax and Bert going to show up here? 4
52chan 4x13.net 7
old Where all da trannies at? 2
old the prisoner (1967) 2
old Textboard 4
kuzlol multich mafia 6
kuzlol im alone 5
52chan Happy 4x13.net 2
old uh, Rue? 3
0chan around 15
kuzlol hello from kuz's site 5
kuzlol seneb 1
old Look at my hat 7
old Tinychan House does community activism 5
0chan Retro games 2
0chan George Floyd trial 18
52chan Gaddafi was the African Bernie Sanders 9
old princesskitana here hmm... 8
old test 1
old test 1
old test 1
0chan If Internet Explorer is so bad, why does it come with every 5
kuzlol Hello multich 11
kuzlol Hello world 3
0chan hi 2
0chan Reverse Proxy issues 4
0chan Ganbatte 8
0chan Why am I so Anti-Animey? 7
0chan How does one sage 7
0chan cool VR games? 2
old Easter Sunday 1
old Hello world 6
old previous prince of jordan under house arrest 2
52chan A comparison of chat clients 14
0chan HTTPS? 4
52chan Sageru IRC: Anonymous Chat Network 10
0chan im getting a new laptop 18
0chan Scientists Achieve Real-Time Communication With Lucid Dreamers in Breakthrough 7
52chan Soros funding 3
52chan jews 5
0chan why does it make 2 threads 4
0chan Switched servers 4
0chan Tak polski kontrwywiad obciąga kutasa 26
0chan earth is a trans woman 2
0chan society cannot change what's right and w 6
0chan Based IRC 3
0chan wow 5
0chan True_Love 1
0chan aw ure so chut 1
0chan Techno 12
52chan din din feels 1
0chan 100% effective women empowerment speech 1
0chan thank you 3
0chan Deriving a Sexual Euphemism 5
0chan Congrats, 33chan spammer! 1
0chan Text Paradise 63
52chan Horror Movies 15
0chan Secret ♡ 5
0chan Anti Gluten freaks need to SHUT UP! 5
52chan Pandemic length 8
0chan Argentina legalises abortion in landmark 9
52chan codes / ciphers / encryption 4
0chan Misuse of Israeli Surveillance Tech for 4
0chan heyuri next gen imageboard soft 2
52chan Old Internet IRC 4
52chan patchouli 2
0chan 33chan 1
0chan stock market hijinks 4
0chan Would you rather all users post as "Anon 3
0chan nice project 1
0chan can we say balls here 2