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0chan An XMPP server by 0chan 15
0chan 9
local What is God? 38
local RIP-IRC Cannabutter 8
sageru irc.sageru.org discussion, support 11
local How do I get over her? 2
0chan Based IRC 7
mellowchan vtubers 4
local How to IRC 17
local ZERO BOOKS 1
0chan sincere question 1
0chan recommend me books to learn all 3D tools to get 3d careers 3
0chan Post ITT every time that religion has wronged you 53
0chan epic website 4
0chan what is cloud computing 1
0chan Fun with tags! [Part 2] 12
0chan comfy irc rooms 15
0chan Switched servers 8
0chan Cooking / eating 78
0chan Retro games 25
0chan Spring 2021 Anime 7
0chan Gikopoi Streams 10
0chan Cracky-chan 29
0chan Cigarettes 4
0chan c0ck vein 3
0chan dicks out for Harambe 1
0chan PoW Tor imageboard 2
0chan Dreaming about Gikopoi 1
0chan Gikopoi General Chat 7
0chan Autumn NEET news 3
0chan Categories vs Tags? 1
0chan NEET Discussion & support 4
0chan Wiki Priorities 1
0chan Return of 0chan 5
0chan microwave alarm clock 4
0chan Whats a good "dark-textboard" theme? 8
local Multich is a pedo honeypot full of trannies and liars 2
0chan NEET hangout places 1
0chan Life in coronavirus 18
local kuz won tbh 1
local kuz won 1
local kys pedos 1
local kuz won 1
local Ripirc is Eternal 2
0chan shit retards say/shit you read [online] /srs/ 10
sageru #jp meetup 21/8/12-15@Orange County CC 3
local kuz won 2
sageru cringe pornsite comments CTRL+V 5
local dead cope site 1
local Dear Anon 3
0chan Christian Meta Thread 285
local A Statement on Federation with Kuzlol 15
sageru i hate black people 6
52chan A trinity rarely talked about 18
0chan Cool site 19
sageru i hate white people 1
sageru dead cope site 2
multitext dead cope pedo site 1
0chan 0chan IRC chat room 5
0chan OK 3
52chan my balls 9
52chan IE 3
52chan Pirating Streamed Content to Become Felony 6
52chan Hello world 6
0chan special offer that you won't believe!!! [advertising] [PEP] 17
0chan hot dudes use this website all the time 11
multitext Hello world 2
local Essential scifi films / animes 5
52chan Utilitarianism is a scam 5
multitext Anyone wanna play counter strike? 1
sageru New instance 5
local rewrite in php 8
multitext the state of multich 3
multitext holy shit, y'all cant even make secure software 1
multitext ripirc bros.. i thought we were the good guys? 2
kuzlol format testing 5
multitext https://files.catbox.moe/m7odwu.png 1
multitext Face it: You pedos lost 1
local Why is kuz obsessed with fabricating history/lore about himself? 24
multitext Funny: Blundering pig reports textboard for CP 2
local Exposing Kuz: A Ripirc Adventure 15
multitext Best late night munchies 5
multitext How to force a board re-scrape 3
local Summer 2021 anime 2
multitext dead cope site exists only to obsess 2
sageru Why atom and not RSS? 3
52chan Wiki article ideas 2
0chan Schizoposters 51
52chan Digital philosophy communities 2
0chan Bad Multich Leadership isolates potential new nodes 26
0chan Null's Statement on Electronic Free Speech 18
multitext Listen up shills 2
multitext Robert Brown: pedophile, liar, creep 2
local Pay No Mind 2
multitext gear grinding 3
local The Russian Contradiction 2
multitext WTF?! 1
multitext Test 6
multitext Gaddafi's Green Book - reading club 1
local Broken captcha 3
0chan Donald Trump is a big fat loser. 27
0chan Robert: This is how you stop the spam 4
0chan i am almost maximum genius philospher intellect intelelctual 5
0chan heyuri.net is a honeypot 2
0chan Hey robert, guess whats going up in seattle! 6
local ripirc, "anarchic" yet mass-censorship at the same time 3
sageru The sageru theme song... 2
52chan 0chan server temporarily offline 1
0chan kuz is fucking retarded 19
0chan BlackBerry Playbook 7
0chan use ssl ripirc 5
kuzlol chaocipher thread 4
local Doomsday calendar calculation 3
local ON WOMEN (Schopenhauer) 15
0chan best kaomoji 17
52chan Federated deletion 2
52chan Labor struggles in America 1
local We did it folks 18
sageru stop fucking with #jp 3
sageru Remembering the fallen. 2
kuzlol will coronavirus ever go away? 24
sageru The end of K*z.. 2
0chan 0chan.vip 11
0chan Happy thread 11
52chan PGP chat thread 5
0chan covid19 jab facts that actually arent fake news 10
0chan Ex-admin K^z psyops Fchan to defame 0chan / Multichan 12
0chan I wont spam anymore 29
0chan The end of COVID-19? 8
sageru fuck 0chan.vip 1
0chan Englend should end 7
0chan dead cope site 1
0chan fuck ironic weebs 3
old Who could be behind the latest crypto crash? 5
0chan Multichan Frames 2
52chan multichan admin page? 2
old The #ripirc IRC room 9
old Multichan on tor 14
52chan ATOM Feeds: now even better! 2
52chan Best time of day for gikopoi? 4
0chan Multich Morality 8
0chan Boards vs Tags 18
local Music 5
local h 1
0chan Meat alternatives / ethical protein 13
0chan General theories of food 10
0chan why som chinese wna eat wild bats and smelly pork 6
0chan my pic 6
0chan KolymaNET releases statement on multich 5
local webring? 4
52chan Tackling spam on multich 14
52chan Must read philosophers 13
0chan Terrible Hackernews Posts 11
local Heat wave sweeping thru USA 12
52chan Multich: Questions and Answers 4
52chan Update history of Multichan 10
0chan Drama is even worse than on 4chin 9
sageru why do the trannies lie? 1
0chan 0chan censors try to stop the truth from coming out 1
52chan New VIPPER imageboard 4
local Thread #323 -- RIPIRC REIGNS SUPREME 5
0chan nicotine vaping general 16
0chan horny post hazard do not enter 6
52chan Tanasinn needs your help! 1
52chan Cool threads on other BBSes? 1
0chan Reminder to new users, as we grow 12
0chan Anyone like Jazz? 20
52chan multichan Nginx file 2
sageru php is a dumb nigger language 2
sageru come to brazil 4
0chan my secrets 18
local women... 3
52chan Gikopoi Memories 4
52chan Multichan translations for new frontend 5
local republicans dying 9
local jmanfatty called out 1
0chan Statement from Ripirc 25
sageru 0chan censors revealing posts about kuz 2
sageru Warning! You should de-node ripirc! [meltingwax READ this] 4
0chan Tranny Cabal attemps to harass and destroy innocent people 3
kuzlol kuz server back 5
kuzlol Random things everyone should know 4
0chan Slowdown on development - hardware troubles 9
sageru Kuz Popularity Ratings At All-Time Low 1
0chan Just a little hint... 14
0chan 0chan stands with the kolyma network 7
sageru catbutts is a furfag discord tranny who polutes the sageru irc network and is also the janny tranny on #qa 2
0chan L I F E debunked holy text s2 2
kuzlol statement on ripirc being dumb 6
52chan "scraping" feature 7
local i am cull 6
0chan my internet is so slow 7
kuzlol The #ru bros will be protesting against the ripirc node 7
52chan Textboard 4
kuzlol hi 8
0chan fake philosophy s2 6
0chan my diary no entry 26
sageru the #ru bros have won 4
sageru A Sageru.org spinoff with Timestamps? 4
kuzlol Testing 1
52chan Textboard Archive Project 7
kuzlol Sageru #bees declare...?! 13
sageru weabs must seethe 1
local New Info on the Identity of Tokiko 1
sageru Hello world 5
local rip freenode 11
0chan styles 19
0chan Damned piglets are so togither in this isnt it 5
local How to join the Matrix 26
kuzlol BREAKING: Kuz claims responsibility on latest sageru attacks 4
52chan Buddhism -- resources, questions, thoughts 15
kuzlol Labor shortage may force KolymaNET to scale back or shut down 3
kuzlol A new frontend.. 11
0chan shit 4chan clone 1
0chan !! 7
0chan How far are we past the age of tiny websites making it big? 12
0chan The fall of capitalism?? 30
52chan insomniac thoughts 20
52chan The 1st day of Summer 1
0chan fake philosophy 24
local what is ripirc? 2
kuzlol Is this an authentic Bob quote? 8
0chan Chinese 20-somethings are rejecting the rat race and 6
0chan Your Future 13
52chan Ways to improve your life 13
52chan Free gikopoi.com email addresses 6
52chan Is the Gikopoi background sounds music? 3
52chan Thread database changes 2
local In Support of RMS 5
local Experiences with (Es)ketamine 4
local Some hard facts about Rue 3
52chan cool movies. 14
0chan drinkin piss 13
0chan Blue Lotus Hash 12
local Okko Bekker 5
kuzlol Hello! 1
52chan Features / suggestions 55
0chan shit 4chan clone 2
kuzlol Odd Taxi is actually pretty good?? 14
0chan Other federated text/imageboards 6
local a dissociation 14
52chan The old internet 19
0chan Vietnam Detects New Highly Transmissible Coronavirus Variant 17
local Bad Sleep Schedules 10
52chan Anonymous Posting Leads To Shit Content 13
local Random images 8
0chan More multichan servers? 13
0chan What shall i eat today 14
local jkli5_ is a fag 3
0chan dumb bitch be like 12
52chan Road to Multichan 2.0 3
52chan poor rms 1
0chan Would you rather all users post as "Anon 25
52chan lmnopqrstuvwxyz 4
52chan Must See Anime 15
0chan shit 4chan clone 2
local Hello world 19
0chan i'm looking for a boufriend 11
old play my new Mafia game 5
52chan Mysterious "it" bug 5
local best things to get at 7/11 13
52chan Alternative Timekeeping Systems 6
local mods on IRC are always gay retards 2
old Manga/Manhua/Manhwa thread 12
52chan What imageboard theme should /b/oards adopt? 3
52chan penis 3
52chan Solution found to "weird federation" problem 3
old #ripirc minecraft server! 6
old Doge Coin Fee Free Exchange 5
old J*** on rizon doesnt own pants. 6
local Ordy doesn't actually fuck dogs 3
old EELS: Definitely a horse fucker. (homura) 7
local why ripirc? 7
52chan Mysterious standards of Kolyma 7
kuzlol Retro Games netplay 5
kuzlol discord cummed bot 3
kuzlol News Navigator for Bulletin Boards 8
local I shaved my hair today 1
old New Multichan Node 13
52chan New board: /meta/ 2
0chan 2021-05// The future of tags 7
local [2009] Steins;Gate 4
kuzlol a look ahead towards /boards/ 2
0chan How to make images in multich work 5
old #ripirc movie night? 5
0chan test post, please ignore 28
kuzlol Multich Node Stats so far 5
old Satan as the angel of light 5
kuzlol strange website 1
52chan Gikopoi -- fun web chat 34
0chan Police declare riot in Portland as protesters mark 1 year si 4
old Gun Control 17
0chan Some good video games 2
0chan Reading Marx 3
0chan rock music sharing 3
0chan Anyone else struggling with an addiction to barkling? 13
kuzlol new styles 3
0chan Hello world 34
0chan test log 14
old If you're a female reading this.... 8
0chan How to rename a multich friend 6
local some good IRC rooms 9
0chan Tor Federation from Clearnet 2
local eels dream 7
0chan why the hecc is there no multich imageboard 13
0chan truth truth truth truth truth truth truth truth truth truth 8
0chan Statement on association with peers 13
local test delete this 3
local test 6
0chan Richard Stallman - greasy pro-Russian Jewish Communist 34
local Testing "double ripirc" bug 2
local test 4
old The ongoing Freenode drama. 11
0chan GANGTSTER GBALDRAW now has an IRC tunnel 16
kuzlol Rants that don't deserve their own thread 15
0chan Multichan chat service expanded 6
52chan random music sharing 20
0chan Holy Text Database 35
52chan Red House Leader Ragina Rage: "We held the city hostage." 4
old A Defense of China - Google Translated 2
0chan men are alite human beings 22
old Banned Books 7
old collapse of china 7
old capitalism will rule the world 3
0chan Cringe posts from Philbook 10
kuzlol what obscure language do you know? 5
kuzlol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rif_War 2
0chan True 0chan 10
0chan blockchain is stupid 8
old Jamison Cold Brew Edition 4
kuzlol Мы купили пианино 8
0chan Ковальчик петух 4
old Gaddafi Green Book, section 1 4
0chan Ayashii World Returns! 41
0chan sorry daddy's friends 12
0chan message from gbaldraw.fun 13
kuzlol multich id system? 4
old no mayday? 5
old CHINA #1 19
old dumbgoy 25
52chan Hello ATOM feeds 3
0chan U.S. military starts Afghanistan withdrawal 4
local test 2
52chan Hey guys, new to the site. Be gentle! 5
0chan join my epic chan 6
old Coronavirus observation 6
old Support the JIDF 9
old Message to sweet Friend 7
old Christistheway (rizon) dox 1
0chan Happy 4/20! 7
old Red Carpet Treatment for White King 5
old Is Syntax and Bert going to show up here? 4
52chan 4x13.net 7
old Where all da trannies at? 2
old the prisoner (1967) 2
old Textboard 4
kuzlol multich mafia 6
kuzlol im alone 5
52chan Happy 4x13.net 2
old uh, Rue? 3
0chan around 29
kuzlol hello from kuz's site 5
kuzlol seneb 1
old Look at my hat 7
old Tinychan House does community activism 5
0chan George Floyd trial 31
52chan Gaddafi was the African Bernie Sanders 9
old princesskitana here hmm... 8
old test 1
old test 1
old test 1
0chan If Internet Explorer is so bad, why does it come with every 8
kuzlol Hello multich 11
kuzlol Hello world 3
0chan hi 4
0chan Reverse Proxy issues 5
0chan Ganbatte 14
0chan Why am I so Anti-Animey? 13
0chan How does one sage 13
0chan cool VR games? 4
0chan help me name my babies 2
old Easter Sunday 1
old Hello world 6
old previous prince of jordan under house arrest 2
52chan A comparison of chat clients 14
0chan HTTPS? 7
52chan Sageru IRC: Anonymous Chat Network 10
0chan im getting a new laptop 36
0chan Scientists Achieve Real-Time Communication With Lucid Dreamers in Breakthrough 13
52chan Soros funding 3
52chan jews 5
0chan why does it make 2 threads 7
0chan Tak polski kontrwywiad obciąga kutasa 52
0chan earth is a trans woman 4
0chan society cannot change what's right and w 12
0chan wow 10
0chan True_Love 2
0chan aw ure so chut 2
0chan Techno 22
52chan din din feels 1
0chan Congrats, 33chan spammer! 6
0chan 100% effective women empowerment speech 2
0chan thank you 6
0chan Deriving a Sexual Euphemism 10
0chan Text Paradise 126
52chan Horror Movies 15
0chan Secret ♡ 10
0chan Anti Gluten freaks need to SHUT UP! 10
52chan Pandemic length 8
0chan Argentina legalises abortion in landmark 17
52chan codes / ciphers / encryption 4
0chan nice project 13
0chan Misuse of Israeli Surveillance Tech for 8
0chan can we say balls here 46
0chan heyuri next gen imageboard soft 4
52chan Old Internet IRC 4
52chan patchouli 2
0chan 33chan 2
0chan stock market hijinks 7
mellowchan Hello world 1