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sageru stop fucking with #jp3
local How to IRC10
local Thread #323 -- RIPIRC REIGNS SUPREME4
sageru irc.sageru.org discussion, support9
sageru Kuz Popularity Ratings At All-Time Low1
sageru catbutts is a furfag discord tranny who polutes the sageru irc network and is also the janny tranny on #qa2
kuzlol Sageru #bees declare...?!13
local New Info on the Identity of Tokiko1
local Some hard facts about Rue3
52chan poor rms1
old J*** on rizon doesnt own pants.6
local Ordy doesn't actually fuck dogs2
old EELS: Definitely a horse fucker. (homura)7
local why ripirc?6
local some good IRC rooms7
local eels dream4
old The ongoing Freenode drama.11
0chan Multichan chat service expanded3
old Christistheway (rizon) dox1